bob vanderbob a.k.a. bobvan

bob vanderbob

Bob Vanderbob a.k.a. Bobvan is an artist and composer based in Brussels (Belgium).

He explores the interaction of art, mythology, science and science fiction to convey his poetic vision of the techno-human condition.
He calls his project Artificial Mythology, a modern mythscape, a quest for meaning and beauty in the context of technological acceleration.






Recent projects :

> Dreaming Hive (multimedia installation)

> Mind's Eye (video installation and short film)

The Astronaut's Poetic Handbook (media project)

Fecundity (multimedia installation)

> Offspring (multimedia installation)

> Ongoingness (installation)

> Mr Generic Tries On The Masks of God (video installation)

> Zooolife #3 (video installation)

> I Am A Techno-human Animal (performance)

> Director and Editor Discussing The Big Picture (video installation)

> Buddies, a book of photographs.

> Icuria Coss, a music project with Toronto-based vocalist/dancer/actress Susanna Hood and British writer Liz Scrimgeour.

> Waiting Room 1.0, a sound performance about the future of robotics and artificial intelligence, where we eavesdrop on a conversation between four humanoid robots.

> Zooolife, a sonic exploration of the merging of the genetic and binary codes.

> Sounding Out, a video installation on the moods and humors of an uploaded mind.