bob vanderbob a.k.a. bobvan

icuria coss
music project

A radical music project with Toronto based vocalist/dancer/actress
Susanna Hood (Hum, Plunderphonics) and British writer Liz Scrimgeour.

The Scabs Are Itching Badly Today delves into the fragmented mind
of Icuria Coss.

Who is she?
What is she?
Where is she?
She may be a hero, but what's the story?

The 17 tracks of the album can be listened to as one continuous 45’ piece.

Available on Entangled Records.

Listen to 4 tracks on

we are silent, as sad ghosts are
waiting for someone to throw our ashes to the wind
listening for a sound
that proves we once existed

Icuria Coss is further developed by Liz Scrimgeour in The Storm Diaries, originally a blog on MySpace.
To be continued...