bob vanderbob a.k.a. bobvan

kick 'n' roll
documentary film - 72'

Place Morichar, Brussels. The Shinobis Riders, a group of very zen youngsters, guys and girls, are playing soccer… on roller skates. They are in training for the Rollersoccer World Championship in San Francisco. The previous year, Joël Ogunade and his friends participated in the world cup in Paris and came in fourth. Joël became world champion of freestyle rollersoccer.

Kick 'n' Roll follows the Shinobis Riders during their preparation in Brussels, explores their fascination with mangas and Japanese culture, and accompanies them as they skim stones in the lakes of the Sierra Nevada, skitch on massive Californian trucks and roll through the back alleys of San Francisco's Chinatown, before going head to head with the best rollersoccer teams in the world.

The film is a road-movie portrait of a team of modern-day heroes writing their own story, with a tender glimpse of a certain Belgianness.

KICK 'N' ROLL - documentary film by Bob Vanderbob a.k.a. Bobvan - 90' - 2009