bob vanderbob a.k.a. bobvan

sound installation

Zooolife sonically explores the merging of the genetic and binary codes, the boundary between wild animals of flesh and blood and their digital reincarnations.

Premiered at the Cool Art Café exhibition (Couleur Café Festival 2001)
Featured in Zoo, the opening exhibition of the Centre for European Contemporary Art at la Centrale Electrique in Brussels (2006),
the sound art festival Indisciplines in Nice (France)at Galerie Sandrine Mons (2008) and the Jubilations héroïques exhibition at Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris (2011-2012).

zooolife #2
video (10')

Zooolife #2 extends the project with a visual dimension using 3D modelling tools. It was presented at CitySonics 2007 in Mons, European Capital of Culture 2007.

3D modeling by Jack Vandenbroele

A 3 minute sound excerpt is featured on the CitySonics 2007 CD (TRANS06).

zooolife #3
video installation

Zooolife #3 premiered at the 2012 Connectic'Art festival in Brussels.
It was exhibited at the Donjon de Vez (France) in the context of the Artificial Mythology exhibition there.

Voice : Mira Matthew